DE-INBRE Core Development Award

Deadline: March 1st, 2026 12:00 AM EST

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The Delaware INBRE Instrumentation Core Development Award is supported by the University of Delaware INBRE Office in order to enable staff from the affiliated INBRE cores to 1) attend a workshop, offsite training, or conference or 2) to test a new technology or workflow. This award is aimed at core facility directors and research scientists that would like to develop new skills or services.Continual training and professional development is essential for core facility scientist. It also affords opportunities for presentations within in a professional setting, as well as opportunities for networking and exposure to the latest academic research.  To test a new technology or workflow, it can be used to purchase reagents and supplies required to test new equipment or develop new service workflows.

Awards are limited and must conform to University Travel Policy on allowable travel reimbursements. The training, development event, or testing of a new technology or workflow must take place on or before April 15 and all receipts must be fully paid, processed, and allocated prior to April 30. The policies and procedures for these limited awards are as follows:

1)The applicant should provide a description of workshop, offsite training, or conference and the impact it will have on the core facility and INBRE network. For testing a new technology or workflow, the applicant should provide a description of the potential users and scientific applications.

2)If the applicant is not the core director, an email from the core director or manager should be uploaded indicating support.

3) For travel awards, the amount of support will be based on the level of conference participation up total maximum of $3,000. These grants are limited, and full funding is not guaranteed.

4)The applicant must submit a detailed budget for the proposed travel or line itemed reagent/supply budget. 

5)After the event, awardees must submit a finalized Travel Expense Report with itemized receipts and a Summary Statement to the Delaware INBRE Office (email: detailing the benefits of the conference to their professional career growth.